CSK Head or Flat Head Self Tapping Screws, Drilling Screws

Counter Sunk Head or Flat Head self tapping screws and self drilling screws always in a philips drive or slotted drive, pozi drive. When using in plastic, wood or similar soft material's assembly and fixings, it's usually C1022 low carbon steel made screws with heat treatment. There are various thread types for self tapping screws. For examples, the thread forming type A, B and type AB, thread cutting T, Y, BT and U type drive threads according to DIN standard guide and ANSI/ASME standard guide. For metals or sheet metal, it's in a drilling points. A countersunk head's reference dimensions as follows,

Philips Drive and Pozi Drive Countersunk Head
Square Drive Countersunk Head

Standard offers,

DIN7982, ISO 7050, UNI6955, JIS B1155, JIS B1122, JIS B1125, KS B1032 ANSI B18.6.5M, AS/NZS 4407 Countersunk head self tapping screws (philips drive).

DIN7983 ISO 7051, UNI 6956 Raised Counter Sunk Head or Oval Head Self Tapping Screws.

C1022 carbon steel Counter Sunk Head self tapping screws usually be final surface treated to zinc coating, yellow zinc plating and nickle plating. More material availables with Stainless Steel AISI304, AISI302, AISI201, AISI41. For specifications and latest offers please contact us directly.

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