Self Drilling & Self Tapping Screws, Manufacturer and Exporter

Transhow Screw Factory produce and export a wide range of self drilling screws, self tapping screws.

Pan head tapping and drilling screws, counter sunk head, flat head, hex head, hex washer head, hex

Socket head, pan framing head, buggle head, modified truss head and more tapping screws for wood

Or metal works. Materials used for manufacturing tapping screws are usually C1022 low carbon steel,

Stainless Steel AISI304, AISI302, AISI201, AISI410 and for more options please contact us directly

  • Pan head self drilling screwsPan Head Drilling Screw
  • pan framing head self drilling screwsPan Framing Head Screw
  • csk head self drilling screwsCountersunk Head Screw
  • wafer head head self drilling screwsWafer Head Screws
  • hex flange head head self drilling screwsRoofing Screws
  • flange head head self drilling screwsHex Flange Head Screw
  • flange head head self drilling screwsHex Washer Head Screw
  • buggle head head self drilling screwsBuggle Head Screws