Pan Head Self Tapping Screws & Self Drilling Screws

Pan head is the common type of a self tapping screws or self drillings. It can be in various drive, for example slotted drive, philips drive, conbination drive, square drive, torx drive.

Self tapping screws can drive its own way on the target object so that there is no need to pre-drill any holes. Generally for wood, plastic, plaster and other soft material, using a self tapping screws with a sharp point, while for hard material, like steels and sheet metals, always using a drilling head self tapping screws.

Please kindly check below our factory's regular produce of pan head self tapping screws. If you not find here, please kindly contact us directly, you may require a customized tapping or drilling screws.

slotted drive pan head philips drive pan head combination drive pan head square drive pan head torx drive pan head
Slotted Drive
Philips Drive
Combination Drive
Square Drive
Torx Drive

DIN7981 Philips Pan Head Self Tapping Screws, Pan Framing Head Self Tapping Screws

Slotted pan head self tapping screws, Pan Framing Head Self Drilling Screws

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