Hex Flange Head Self Tapping Screws & Self Drilling Screws

Hex flange head self tapping screws generally made of C1022 carbon steel hardend or stainless steel SS410. It has an excellent drilling performance on hard material and sheet metals. C1022 steel self drilling screws could drill 1.5mm thick sheet metal while SS410 could drill even 5mm thick sheet metal.

Hex flange head screws normally with a socke hex drive and also slotted drive options. There is some times an additional philips drive on the hex head. Please see below the guide dimensions for standard offers.

DIN 7504-K Hex flange head seld drilling screws & DIN 6928 Hex Washer Head Self Tapping screws

  • DIN 6928 Tapping Screw
  • Hex Washer Head Screw
  • DIN7504-K Drilling Screw
  • SS410 Self Drilling Screw